Author Stephanie J Teer knows how to write for young readers, crafting a truly engaging adventure story with accessible language that makes learning about nature and friendship so much fun. The five central characters deliver a variety of personality types that gel together really well, and their bonds and behaviors toward one another are realistic, but also model some really healthy ideals and dynamics of what friendships can be. I found the plot to be well-paced from chapter to chapter, with plenty of exciting moments and new information to hold the young reader's interest, but also never so much as to make matters confusing. The wolves were a huge highlight: well-described and brought to life with a clear passion for their beauty and intellect. Overall, I would certainly recommend I am Wolf! to caregivers and educators alike as a very engaging gift for the young readers in your life.


Reader's Favorite, 5 Star Review

Editorial Review

Join the Wild Animal Kids in Book 2 as they learn about the beauty of the majestic wolf and the power of the pack. This new adventure wil test their friendship in their own pack when one precious bead is lost.

A lost bead that holds the power to the secret of the magical portal. Can the Wild Animal Kids find the courage to believe in each other? Can they find they strength to never give up?

It's an adventure they will remember for a lifetime!

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