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The Wild Animal Kids Club series was written to engage and motivate young readers as they transition into longer chapter books.  With high-interest content, the story is filled with rich characters, beautiful illustrations, witty kid dialogue and a fast-paced plot. The theme of wildlife conservation is weaved in with a bit of fantasy through the magical portal, while bringing real life social events that children encounter in their youth. 
This is all packaged in a fictional story that brings together the elements of friendship, resilience, wonder, and the belief that anything is possible. I hope my books will encourage children to believe in themselves and to be proud of who they are. Whatever challenges are faced by the characters in this series, they always find the path to a solution with compassion and kindness.  I hope you enjoy the series! 

Red Panda.png
Polar Bear.png

A child's imagination opens the magical portal to a whole new adventure.

A lost bead that holds the power to the hidden secret.

Can they keep the promise of the Friendship Bead?

A mysterious guest begins the hunt for a powerful warrior.

The choice  will determine the future of one special warrior.

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